Weaving For Education

I have been making dream catchers for well over 12 years now. Started out as currency for me as a child. When my friends made necklaces, I made them a dream catcher in exchange. Same thing for all sorts of other stuff my friends made. Each dream catcher is created with "Oh, I have never seen one of those before," or "Hmmmmmm........." Hence, themed dream catchers. All of my dream catchers, journal covers and jewelry are made in my little 10x10 craft room of my apartment. A sacred space, if you will, of my creativity. In this little room I have the following departments: Drafting department Production department Purchasing department Sales Department Inventory Control Shipping and Receiving Web Design Accounting and Advertisements You would think that my room was bigger on the inside (Whovians, I know you would get that). Every dream catcher sold goes to my college fund. My dream in life is to become a Mechanical Engineer. I have so many ideas brewing, sometimes I think my head will explode. I want to be able to transfer to UC Berkeley, GA Tech, MIT or any of those amazing schools.

By purchasing a dream catcher, you are making my dream for a college degree ever closer to becoming a reality.

I am open to any suggestions on what should be on there. If you like Theme Dreams on Facebook, you will be able to see the custom dream catchers I have made for others.

These earrings are not only simple. they are elegant. The open 27x17mm kite earrings have been adorned with silver toned feathers. These earrings were designed to match any outfit.

The earring hook is made of a hypoallergenic metal (surgical steel).


Welcome to Weaved Wonders!

I have created this website to showcase my handmade items that I am currently selling (or have sold) to raise funds for my college tuition.

My goal in life is to become a Mechanical Engineer. I wish to pursue a career where my creativity is my main asset. Using my creativity to design and build dream catchers is a good way for me to outlet and to help me raise funds.

I currently have 3 methods of purchase: Etsy, ArtFire, and Zibbet.

 Thank you for visiting!



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